• Record and playback satellite telemetry and command streams
  • DVR-Like operations for ease of use in operations or test
  • Multi-Terabyte RAID-5 storage capacity
  • Manage recordings with Preserve, Export, and Import Functions

High-Rate Data Steams

Up to 200 Mbps on these links. ECL and LVDS Interfaces are supported.

Modem/COMSEC Interfaces

Our data recorders typically hook to the satellite modem or COMSEC equipment. We support a wide range of devices.


If you need a large number of channels, you can extend the system to up to 10 telemetry channels.

Customer-defined Processing

Configurable software modules and configurable software chains. Our drag-and-drop softFEP Visualizer lets you engineer the display.

Software Applications

Four Channel Telemetry Recorder

  • Records four channels, up to 20 Mbps on each channel. You can add one or more high rate telemetry channels (up to 300 Mbps).
  • Telemetry stream capture with data analyzers. Our in-line data quality monitoring ensures you’re recording good data.

Two Channel Command Recorder

  • This application records two ternary command channels. That’s two command uplink streams or a command and command echo stream.
  • Creates a command log for easy uplink analysis and review.

Satellite Contact Recorder

  • Capture and store the satellite T&C data streams during a contact. Record/Playback two telemetry streams, one command stream, and one command echo stream.
  • Our data analyzers and command logs support troubleshooting.

IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Recorder Datasheet

  • Five RS-422 PCM channels with real time data quality indicators while recording and integrated BERT capability.
  • Each channel has its own .ch10 file for independent recording and playback.
  • Solid state drive provides high performance.

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